The Wire’s Tray Chaney films “Black Poetry” in Goshen

Goshen. Two local film production companies collaborated to produce a pilot for upcoming TV show, “Black Poetry,” with Tray Chaney and actors trained in Goshen at the Academy of Film, Television, Stage and Performing Arts.

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| 05 Jul 2022 | 01:10

The TV pilot for “Black Poetry,” about a Black family, was written by Middletown author Stewart Thomas and recently produced locally by Willy-Gilly Productions, Inc., of Goshen, and C. Lee Productions, LLC, of Middletown. The show highlights the difficult choices of a Black family, as they work all angles to bring some accountability, dignity and purpose to their lives in their small urban environment.

The show stars Tray Chaney (“The Wire,” “We Own This City”) and co-stars Misha G, a new local talent trained by the Academy of Film, Television, Stage and Performing Arts, in Goshen. She debuts as “Sam,” an enterprising young woman, soft on the eyes, but really tough as nails and focused on success. She hires “Dexter Black” (Chaney) to eliminate a dangerous adversary.

Other Academy grads cast in prominent roles include Chandler Mac (‘’Lamar Black’’), of C. Lee Productions, David Mosca (‘‘Nick’’) and Fabienne Justin (‘‘Waitress’’). Directed by co-founder of The Academy, David Patrick Wilson, he also makes an appearance as ‘‘Officer K.’’

Locations included the newly renovated, upscale bistro and boutique hotel, Limoncello’s Orange Inn, in Goshen; Ray’s Place, the family eatery in Middletown, Steva’s Bar & Grill in Slate Hill, and CoLab, also in Goshen.

For all interested in pursuing a career in acting, The Academy is offering a 1 hour workshop on July 23, 2022 at 11 a.m. at CoLab, 45 St. John Street, jn Goshen. Call 845.294.7500 to reserve a spot. The Academy of Film Television Stage and Performing Arts is a not-for-profit 501c3 corporation.