In support of Holdridge, Dysinger, and Becker

| 02 Oct 2023 | 12:40

    Our neighborhood has been dealing with noise issues from a nearby business for a while. Our family, as well as other residents, have made numerous attempts to have the current town board do something to resolve these issues. We were advised that businesses are currently exempt from the town noise ordinance. That seems unfair because businesses shouldn’t have more rights than residents when it comes to noise.

    Councilman Brandon Holdridge and planning board member Larry Dysinger have been the only people that have been supportive in attempting to fix this quality of life issue. Together they have worked on introducing a local law change that would remove this exemption and have everyone held to the same standards when it comes to loud, continuous and unreasonable noise. Although the rest of the current board hasn’t agreed to the changes, Brandon and Larry did what they could to make our family and our neighbors be heard. I feel that they and their running mate, Tom Becker, have the right temperament, experience and genuine concern for town residents to be elected in the upcoming election for supervisor and town council.

    Donna Sansone