‘We are Afghanistan’

Texas /
| 07 Sep 2021 | 07:03

    Recent developments have shown the United States to be on the brink of a destruction. We have just concluded 20 years of war in Afghanistan during which we tasked our military to destroy terrorism and to also nation build.

    During this process, we have been told about the abuses of the Taliban toward women and unbelievers within their society.

    The societal goals of the United States were doomed to failure because of corruption, over reach and general poor planning. Our military followed their tasking and it was not a failure on their watch.

    It is ironic that the same policy makers for the Afghanistan actions have also governed with the constant drum beat of the destruction of women’s rights, voters right to vote, abuses in police enforcement and an economic disparate class structure. In addition, the COVID epidemic only heightened the inequities present within our society.

    The recent Texas anti-woman anti-abortion law, the constant claims of “unfair” elections, the rejection of science in our health issues only show how close we are to Afghanistan.

    We are entitled to our opinions but not at the exclusion of the facts. McConnell, McCarthy and Trump remain in our ethos spreading the cupidity and stupidity which some of find appealing.

    I submit that a Republic stands and exists not only with the rule of law but the good will of an educated electorate.

    The Supreme Court has shown itself to be an agent of ignorance. Governors of certain states are no better than tribal war lords. Our society has been victimized by the ignorance and bigotry of small minded people. It is ironic that most school textbooks are produced in Texas. As a former educator, I am dismayed that Civics has been lost and not taught; service to our nation has become a checklist for the college application process and that we as citizens do not value service to others.

    Less than one percent of us have served in the military and we abused those over the past twenty years with multiple deployments and minimal post service care.

    In addition, we allowed our citizenry to take for granted that others will do for them. Unfair taxation policies allow the rich to escape their responsibilities, while would be world lord governors and national leaders demean the democratic process other societal groups flourish in the air of ignorance. It is ironic that the Hasidic community and other Evangelical groups have prospered as the Constitution is shredded for woman, minorities, the ill and, in short, all of us.

    Thus we are left with no other option when we look at ourselves. We are Afghanistan and we failed there because we continue to fail here to live up our mandate of justice and understanding.

    Good luck, America.

    Steve Zecher