Larry Dysinger running for Chester Town Board

| 21 Jun 2021 | 05:06

    My name is Larry Dysinger and I am running for the open Town of Chester Board Councilman position.

    I am a 28-year resident, homeowner and taxpayer in the Town of Chester as well as a three-year member of the Planning Board.

    I have 32+ years of management experience in corporations, leading more than 50 people and managing $20M+ dollar budgets. This experience is augmented by creating, expanding and running a successful business.

    I have managed and supported corporate computer centers which were repeatedly ranked in the top 10 percent of cost efficiency and service levels.

    I have always cared about our town. That is why I am a member of the Planning Board and why I am running for councilman on the Town Board.

    Light pollution has been a steadily growing problem in our town. In 1998, I authored and attempted to get an Outdoor Lighting Ordinance passed; however, the Town Board at that time did not believe there was a problem.

    Since I am not one to give up, I updated the ordinance and in 2020, I submitted it to the Town Board for review, approval and implementation.

    The ordinance was implemented in January 2021.

    Chester needs people on the Town Board who will provide the leadership, commitment, ensure that laws and ordinances are complied with and the time to focus on all town matters in a timely manner. I am willing and able to do this.

    One of the best ways to manage development within the town is by having an up-to-date Comprehensive Plan, Zoning as well as Community Preservation Plan.

    Chester’s Comprehensive Plan was first implemented in 1974. It wasn’t updated until 2003. Twelve years had passed before it was updated again in 2015.

    Development is happening at a faster pace every year. We need to continually review and update our Comprehensive Plan, Zoning and Community Preservation Plan.

    This should be performed at least once every five years. I am not aware of any plans at this point to update it in spite of requests that I have made to the Town Board.

    Property taxes continue to rise every year. More and more seniors are leaving because they cannot afford to pay these high taxes. We need to protect our seniors. To address this problem, the Town Board needs to continually review expenses and strive for efficiencies. This includes large purchases, staffing, salaries, professional services and contracts.

    The Town Board needs to be proactive, accountable and responsive to taxpayers, transparent in doing town business, enforcing laws and communicate with taxpayers.

    Agendas for Town Board meetings should be posted at a minimum of three business days prior to each Town Board meeting so that taxpayers can review and prepare for each meeting.

    Shouldn’t a person who is running for councilperson on the Town Board be a Chester homeowner and taxpayer, reside in the town for five or more years so they have a better understanding of the Town and its needs, has or have served as a Chester board member for multiple years, have authored and/or participated in implementing a Town Ordinance and has the time and commitment to dedicate 8 or more hours per week in performing the necessary tasks to responsibly serve the taxpayers?

    I believe actions speak for themselves and I am asking for your support.

    Larry Dysinger