'Ignorance is the enemy of democracy'

| 23 Jul 2019 | 11:48

    To the Editor:
    Each day we read about local, state and national events which stretch the limits of our understanding.
    Recent developments in our area only serve to raise our awareness of the inequities which the average taxpayer and citizen face.
    The issue of a Hasidic development in Chester and its lawsuit against the town of Chester serves as an example of that sect's flouting of the law and its neighbors.
    It was not too long ago that our nation waged a war against segregation and fought to have integrated communities.
    Laws were passed to end restricted communities and children were bused to balance those inequities
    Now the Hasidic community seeks to reverse that movement for justice. They build communities expressly for the purpose of segregation; they build in their village without regard to water sources and sewerage outcomes and the do not educate their children fully in compliance to the requirements of basic standards.
    Ignorance is the enemy of democracy. We live in a society which has not confronted the excesses and political manipulations of the Hasidic community.
    In total the politicians have failed to limit the Hasidic corruption of our politics.
    It is ironic that as a society we tolerate children and adults being caged when many were seeking asylum while at the same moment in history we allow a sect to under educate its children, often deny them proper medical vaccines and ignore ecological,political and social conditions which threaten the future conditions which we all must contend with.
    Stephen Zecher