‘I have the experience and I want to use it for Chester’

| 28 Sep 2021 | 05:14

    In response to the Sept.17th letter to the editor:

    One of my opponents for the Chester Town Board, Mr. Dysinger, wrote about his disagreement with my “assessment” on the Aug. 11th Town Board meeting.

    He claims I wasn’t physically there, so I couldn’t know what transpired.

    It shouldn’t make a difference whether you attend in person or online. I watched enough to stand behind my Sept. 3rd Viewpoints article confidently. The Senior Club members I met were unhappy with the treatment of their representative, confirming my claims further.

    Contrary to his opinion, I was clear on how the Town Board should act differently. I stated Chester’s leaders need to “respect their residents even when they disagree and be less defensive.”

    He thinks I haven’t “demonstrated leadership qualities.” As a hopeful future leader of Chester, I plan to take on the important issues we are facing. Ensuring our laws are followed, updating our comprehensive plan, fighting irresponsible overdevelopment, stabilizing property taxes and ensuring transparency and accountability.

    The difference is I’m not afraid to call out our leaders when these things aren’t accomplished.

    Mr. Dysinger lists arbitrary requirements for the Town Board: “being a homeowner, taxpayer, living in the town five years, working ten years, serving as any board member ‘multiple’ years, authoring town ordinances and having ‘time and commitment to dedicate eight hours a week’ in performing board tasks.”

    When did we put Mr. Dysinger in charge of who runs for our town government? I’m a lifelong Chester resident. My family was born and raised here. My grandparents, Ed and Maren Piatt, moved here in 1968, and Bernie and Bonnie Katz moved here in 1970.

    I contributed to my household by working at Elite Cinema 6 and Tina’s Pizza, working in the New York State Senate for three years, fighting for a noise ordinance for our town and serving on the Chester Police Reform Committee.

    I’ve had the “time and commitment” to explain my qualifications and my platform to 3,400 households so far, and hundreds more at community events.

    He argues I’m too young and inexperienced to be a Town Board member. Tell me, does my age take away the generational ties I have to this community or make me less qualified to hold this position?

    I live here, contribute to the economy, and dream of raising my family here.

    I’m as invested as everyone else, and I want to make it so we can afford to live here.

    Have you ever thought about moving?

    How many of your family/friends still live here?

    Less each year, right?

    My experience in the NYS Senate will help pass land preservation legislation in Albany to make it more affordable.

    My experience as a $3.3 million company board member will help ensure financial security. My leadership experience will help increase accountability, transparency, and efficiency in our government.

    I have the experience and I want to use it for Chester.

    Message me at Brandon Holdridge for Chester Town Board on Facebook or email me at brandonholdridge97@gmail.com to discuss our town’s future.

    Brandon Holdridge

    Candidate for Chester Town Board