‘Happy trails to you’

Monroe /
| 16 Aug 2021 | 07:52

As Will Rogers said, “Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.”

Nearly 11 years ago I started what became my dream job. Museum Village became my obsession and my home. After working 30 years at NBC/Universal, a new mission took hold. Museum Village is a treasure that must be preserved.

With the help of so many people, like a phoenix from the fire, Museum Village is a must-visit destination. Now, like in any relay, the baton must be passed. Much has been accomplished but, of course, there is more that can be done. It is time for someone new to share in the obsession and dream. I am moving on.

Captain Kirk said space is the final frontier. Not true. Space will be conquered. Time is the final frontier. There is only so much time and it waits for no one.

There are many adventures I need to undertake. I want to cross the 48 states on my motorcycle. I want to catch that elusive fish that got away. There is another cattle drive out west calling me. I am still planning on playing my music and singing and yodeling - maybe on the Grand Ol’ Opry sharing the stage with the spirit of Hank Williams (I wish!).

And I still want to play centerfield for the New York Yankees - but that one I can probably forget.

My last day at the Museum is planned for September 17th. Please stop by and say hello and good luck. No good-byes. Please continue to support the Museum. You can even bring a donation (can’t resist asking).

My body may be gone, but not my soul. Until we meet again. Please enjoy some of the so many good times I had and will always remember.

From two of the greatest singing cowboys: ”Happy Trails” and “Back in the Saddle Again,”

Mike Sosler

Soon to be former executive director

Museum Village, Monroe