‘Good job, Chester’

| 01 May 2023 | 08:18

    The Chester Town Board passed a local law granting a 10 percent tax exemption to all eligible volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance workers. This is the least we can do for those who put their lives on the line for us and keep us safe. I was proud to support the maximum exemption amount and was happy to see it had unanimous support from the Town Board.

    The Town Board passed a resolution directing a traffic study be conducted on Route 94 from the Village of Chester line to Blooming Grove. I introduced this resolution after receiving complaints that the speed limit may be too fast and dangerous.

    The Town Board passed a resolution supporting the Senate/Assembly bills that would direct the state to study the issue of overlapping library districts that cause a double tax to some. I have advocated for this legislation since I was elected and won’t stop until this burden is lifted off our residents.

    I reported to the Town Board that I have spoken with the Village of Florida, Town of Warwick, Town of Goshen, and the Village of Chester about advocating for faster road improvements to Route 94 going toward Florida. They are all in support of this effort. I will be drafting a letter that each municipality will sign to see if we can convince the DOT and our state reps to move the timeline up.

    Finally, I am happy to report that the final map for the revised State Assembly lines included all of Chester in one Assembly District. The initial draft had us split in half. I introduced a resolution that was passed and sent to the Independent Redistricting Committee that advocated for our town to be kept together and I’m very happy they decided to listen. I also know members of the community submitted comments to the IRC that I’m sure helped to sway them to keep us together. Good job, Chester.

    Brandon Holdridge

    Chester Town Councilman