Brandon Holdridge is a breath of fresh air for Chester

| 22 Oct 2021 | 03:33

    One day last summer my doorbell rang. This is very unusual as I live in an isolated place and rarely get unexpected visitors. Standing there was a young man named Brandon Holdridge. He said he was running for Chester Town council and was trying to visit every resident. He told me he grew up in Chester and was invested and concerned that Chester government be fiscally responsible, accountable and transparent. The way he talked about his hopes for open governing, for preserving the character and open space of our beautiful town was a breath of fresh air. He wants to change the zoning laws so that Chester will be affordable for our children to remain here to raise their families. He was a great listener and was sincerely interested in my thoughts and hopes for Chester.

    We need Brian Holdridge to represent us on the Chester Town Council if we want to realize our desire for honest, open and good governing.

    Paula Spector