Beautiful People unveils new logo based on Disability Pride Flag

| 28 Jul 2023 | 02:00

At Beautiful People, we celebrate all abilities. For that reason, we decided to take inspiration for our brand new logo from the Disability Pride Flag that was designed by Ann Magill in 2021 and unveil it during the month of July, which is Disability Pride Month.

The above new logo reinforces and recognizes Beautiful People’s commitment to empowerment, inclusion and agency for all of our athletes and their families.

In Magill’s rendering, each color of the flag represents a different type of disability and the colors are muted so as not to trigger individuals who have sensory disabilities:

· Red = physical disabilities

· Gold = neurodiversity

· White = invisible disabilities or undiagnosed disabilities

· Blue = emotional or psychiatric disabilities

· Green = sensory disabilities

While each of the colors in Beautiful People’s new logo are essential because of who they represent, the encapsulating circle is equally as important because it symbolizes that we are all part of the same community at Beautiful People.

We are also excited to announce a new tagline, “Proudly Adaptive Sports,” declaring the unapologetic strength of our community of athletes, families, volunteers and supporters.

Since its founding in 2006, Beautiful People’s programming has expanded from a single baseball league in Warwick to ten different sports in seven locations across Orange County, New York. 2022 was the organization’s most successful year, with more than 600 registrations for its unique programming. Throughout the year, Beautiful People offers baseball, soccer, basketball, kickball, bowling, horseback riding, floor hockey and other activities.

We’re thrilled to be marking Disability Pride Month with a meaningful transformation in the way that Beautiful People connects with our athletes and the Orange County community.

All of Beautiful People’s programs are based on the strong belief that having fun, doing your best and taking the field as part of a team is what matters most. We know that our participants are proud of their abilities and accomplishments and we are delighted to bring these programs to more families every year.

We’ll be rolling out the new logo throughout the summer and you’ll be seeing it at our programming and on new shirts for athletes and volunteers. Stay tuned for exciting swag announcements!

Beautiful People believes that all individuals with disabilities deserve an opportunity to play and celebrates the abilities of all its athletes.

Mary Williams

Executive Director

Beautiful People Adaptive Sports for Children with Disabilities | 2 N. Main Street, Suite 2, Florida, NY 10921.