Veteran Alex Gamma gets 21-motorcycle funeral salute

Goshen. Alex Gamma, a Vietnam-era veteran and 54-year American Legion veteran who died at the age of 80, was accompanied to his funeral by members of several veteran motorcycle groups. They have offered this ceremonial escort for veteran funeral services.

Goshen /
| 25 Jul 2022 | 09:07

Members of the Orange County Legion Riders, ‘Nam Knights, Blue Knights, Knights Order, and Rolling Thunder provided a 21-bike salute at Orange Count Veterans Cemetery on Friday to Alexander Gamma, Jr., a Vietnam-era veteran who died, at 80, on July 12. He was a member of the American Legion for over 54 years. Veteran bikers are available to provide motorcycle escorts to funeral processions for any veteran being interred, regardless of service or organizational affiliation, said Chris Holshek, a retired colonel and member of Orange County American Legion Riders.

To find out more, contact the Orange County Veterans Service Agency: 845-291-2470.