Re-districting map shifts shake up candidacies

James Skoufis gave up Newburgh for his candidacy. Kevindaryan Lujan seeks Senate seat, leaving behind Orange County Legislature. Mike Martucci said he will not run.

| 01 Jun 2022 | 07:59

Once again, candidates for November’s elections are having to take a second look at what their new district boundaries might do to their homes and families, and to their chances of winning. Senator James Skoufis (Democrat) finds himself having to sacrifice representing Newburgh in order to continue to represent the other Orange County municipalities he has represented for over a decade. Meanwhile, Senator Mike Martucci, of District 42, has decided to not seek re-election.

Because some representatives must live in the district they represent, the boundary lines change means a number of candidates are having to choose whether to move and uproot their families, or quickly build stature in municipalities they have not represented before.

Kevindaryan Lujan, who currently serves as a Legislator for Orange County District 4, has now decided to run for Senate. He thought twice about it last week and almost decided against it but is now out seeking signatures for Senate District 39, he said.

“After much discussion with my family and close supporters, I am so excited to announce my run for the 39th Senate District. Based on the current map, the new senate district encompasses Cold Spring, where I was born; Beacon, where I spent a great part of my childhood; Newburgh, where I have lived the majority of my life and where I currently hold a legislative seat; and Poughkeepsie, where I have worked the past several years. I look forward to sitting down with community members, community leaders, labor leaders, activists and elected officials from the entire district to talk to them about my vision and to hear about the issues that matter to them. Together we will ensure that our senate district not only remains in Democratic hands but that our region of the Hudson Valley continues to have a voice in Albany.”

Caption: Kevindaryan Lujan, who currently represents Orange County Legislative District 4 (primarily Newburgh), is collecting petition signatures for a bid as Senator for the newly created Senate District 39.