Eagle Scout project becomes new Sugar Loaf entrance sign

Sugar Loaf. Eagle Scout Paul Fromageot launched a project that resulted in a new sign for his home hamlet.

| 06 Jul 2022 | 09:27

For forty four years, a handmade barn wood sign welcomed visitors as they entered the hamlet of Sugar Loaf on Kings Highway traveling from Warwick. The sign urged visitors to come back again when they left the hamlet. That sign was built circa 1978 by Sugar Loaf resident wood carver Jarvis Boone and his son, Brian Boone, who was only 15 years old at the time. The weathered barn wood was supplied by Walter Kannon, the original owner of the Barnsider Tavern.

The sign survived years of challenging weather. It aged and changed with the times, along with the arts and crafts community. The sign began to show signs of aging, and kind neighbors would put it back together.

Then in May of 2021, the Sugar Loaf Community Foundation Treasurer, Lydia Cuadros, was approached by Paul Fromageot, Eagle Scout from Warwick Troop 38. He was looking for a community project to take on, and the Foundation suggested that he build a new Sugar Loaf sign to replace the old one.

Paul contacted Sugar Loaf resident Don Stark, who has a local business restoring furniture, and asked if Don would be his mentor to design and build the new sign. For seven months, Paul and Don worked side by side in Don’s state of the art workshop.

Paul is a meticulous, detail oriented young man. He drew up his action plan and budget. He solicited community members for donations. And he worked hard to build the new sign and upgrade its surrounding garden and landscape. Paul also had the support of many community members and fellow scouts on this project.

By early June, the original wooden support columns for the sign were restored by Paul Fromageot and Warwick Scout troop 38. On Saturday, July 2, the newly built sign was placed on the support columns and will, from now on, welcome visitors to the Hamlet of Sugar Loaf.

Paul is a resident of Sugar Loaf, and each time he passes the sign he can recall his part in its creation and his community contribution to the hamlet, a treasure chest of historical buildings and memories of days gone by. The new sign will become part of its future history. The old sign will become a vestige of its past history.

Paul would like to send special thanks to the following individuals for donating their talent, skills, and time. Their generous contributions helped to make the project a success:

Lydia Cuadros (Sugar Loaf Community Foundation Treasurer) - for sponsoring the project

Don Stark (Furniture Restoration) - who provided his workshop and woodworking skills for construction

Brandon Holdridge (Town Councilman) - Who supported and helped publicize the project in its early stages

Devine Design (Graphic Designer) - For creating the design, based on the Sugar Loaf logo

Bryan Armistead (Armistead Mechanical Inc.) - For providing the templates used to paint the sign

Leaders, Scouts, and Parents of Troop 38 - For their leadership and guidance, assistance with straightening the sign posts as well as beautifying and cleaning up the area around the sign.

All who donated to the project during the fundraising drive.

My parents, for always supporting me.