History lecture to focus on Lincoln assassination legal case

Monroe. The presentation will focus on the life of prosecutor Henry Lawrence Burnett and his connection to Orange County.

Monroe /
| 27 Nov 2023 | 02:05

History and Lincoln buffs take note! On December 9, at 1 p.m. Paul Ellis Graham will be hosting an engaging history program titled, “Henry Lawrence Burnett: Prosecuting the Lincoln Conspirators” in the lower level of Monroe Town Hall (1465 Orange Turnpike, Monroe). Henry Lawrence Burnett was born in Ohio and served as both an officer and a judge advocate during the American Civil War. He was a member of Joseph Holt’s team when that team prosecuted those responsible for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Following the war, he served as an attorney in both NY and Ohio. He lived in New York City where he died. He also had a country home in Goshen known as Hillside Farm. When he passed away, his body was brought to Goshen for the funeral and his remains were interred in the Slate Hill Cemetery.

This talk will analyze Burnett’s role during the Civil War, the part he played in bringing the Lincoln conspirators to justice, and his life in Goshen after the war.