Hebrew school students “move up”

Chabad Hebrew School recently had a graduation and awards event in Florida.

Monroe /
| 06 Jun 2022 | 07:31

A year of Jewish education and culture at Chabad Hebrew School of Orange County, led by Rabbi Pesach and Chana Burston, was celebrated at the recent Moving Up and Awards Ceremony. Held at the Orange County Sports Club in Florida, the ceremony included a “Judaic Art Walk” gallery, brunch, gymnastics, awards and recognitions.

Local teens who volunteer on a weekly basis were thanked for their dedication. Those included Bella Hauck, of Middletown; Andrew Redling, of Warwick; Evan Leeds, of Chester; Dani Gold, of Highland Mills; Brooke Reese, of Monroe; Jillian Meyers, of Harriman; Skylar Shaw, of Highland Mills; Haley Olstein, of Monroe; Lola Sale, of Highland Mills and Sivan Kalkstein, of Monroe.

The Gregg Wenzel Scholarship Fund was acknowledged, a fund established by Monroe residents Mitch and Glady Wenzel, in memory of their son, Gregg, who died in service as a CIA agent. The scholarship fund helps students attend Hebrew School who need financial assistance.

Students sang several of their favorite songs, punctuating them with pom poms and clapping. Rabbi Pesach and Chana Burston welcomed the crowd and congratulated students on a year of Jewish learning and pride.

“Learning never ends,” said Pesach. “Instead of calling this special event a ‘graduation,’ we use the term ‘moving up’ because in Judaism we never graduate – we always move upwards in our connection and learning.”

“May you continue to shine with Jewish pride, and be leaders to your peers in doing acts of goodness and kindness,” said Burston.