Whispering Hills roof realities

| 22 Mar 2022 | 08:23

    To the editor:

    I am writing to weigh in on a letter written in last Friday’s edition regarding the proposed roofing project for Whispering Hills Condominium 1.

    The roofs in Condo 1 have needed replacement for a very long time. This new board seems to have all our best interests at heart stepping up to make some tough, unpopular decisions. Granted, some homeowners will find $100 per month for 5 years a hardship. Maybe there can be more than one choice in how to pay. For example, $100 per month for 5 years or $50 per month for 10 years.

    Regardless, we all need roofs and there’s not enough money. How do the letter author and submitter propose we ALL get new roofs without raising money in the form of a temporary increase? In my almost 13 years living in Whispering Hills, every meeting I’ve ever attended always seems to have one or more participants commandeering the floor and there’s usually a lot of shouting.

    I applaud the current board making tough, unpopular decisions. Let’s remember that these are hardworking people who also care about Whispering HIlls enough to take these unpaid positions. When the going gets tough, the tough don’t resign.

    Last, I would also like to point out that the letter writer has somehow twisted new roofs being needed for the 33 buildings into something personal. The fire that ruined the author’s home was terrible but in no way related to the fact that the rest of the buildings are in desperate need of roofs. I would be remiss if I did not point out that all our common charges went up to cover the insurance rate increase after the fire.

    Trudy Hunt

    Whispering Hills