‘We need Sarita Bhandakar’s voice in Albany’

Albany /
| 18 Aug 2020 | 04:32

    Our state rep needs to be changed as soon as possible. The current assemblyman seems to be supportive of the same divisive rhetoric that is tearing apart our country and his voting record proves it.

    Colin Schmidt voted against safety measures intended to allow voters to vote absentee/by mail in order to protect against the spread of disease.

    And even though he voted against the property tax cap, he claims to have voted in support of it.

    COVID denial and lies are crippling this country and Colin is part of the problem.

    A vote for Sarita Bhandakar in November will ensure our futures will be represented by someone who as a local educator and lawyer cares for our community and has the expertise to prove it.

    We need her voice in Albany.

    Doug Page