| 08 Jul 2024 | 04:50

    We seem to have large new warehouses “for rent” along every highway; 26 acres were cleared for one on 17K in Newburgh alone. There is a monstrous “transportation center” available where 17M crosses 17 near Exit 24 in Goshen. No one thinks about the displaced wildlife, but they all complain if they see a bear in their yard.

    Why not make new warehouse applications contingent on repurposing old ones (17M !)? If the builder feels they can’t repurpose it, how about requiring them to return the site to its natural condition?

    Green space is as necessary as water for survival, contributing to the air we breathe. It is a habitat for the animals who were here first and grazing spaces for bees, the main building block for all of our food.

    Which is more important? The legacy you leave your children (a world to grow up in) or the almighty dollar now?

    Peri Snyderman