‘To serve the people of Goshen’

Goshen /
| 16 Oct 2021 | 05:33

    “We Serve” is the motto of the Lion’s Club.

    “We Serve Our Audience” is the creed of Cornerstone Theatre Arts (C.T.A.).

    Ken Tschan is president of the Goshen Lions Club, Ken Tschan is founder and director of C.T.A.. Ken has spent a lifetime serving others and in that vein, I support Ken in his candidacy for Goshen Town Board Council and add another credo: “To serve the people of Goshen.”

    Ken is a true son of Orange County, born and raised, the last 25 years calling Goshen his home. Many of you know him. You know him to be a man of passion, passionate about serving, passionate about the arts and, most importantly, passionate about Goshen and its people.

    I have read many letters recently on various social media platforms to the extent that many Goshenites are displeased, decrying the lack of transparency amongst members of the Town Board. Private meetings, lack of accessibility, cloaked in shrouds of secrecy seemingly at the crux of the matter.

    Ken will do all that he can to dispel that notion. He is a master communicator. He is accessible. He is accountable for his actions.

    In his 25 years in Goshen, Ken has built and maintained a treasure trove of relationships with political leaders (County, Town, Village ) business leaders, county workers and the general public. Ken counts both Joe Betro and Ken Newbold as friend and associate and will work fervently with either who win the Supervisor post, not as a “Yes, man” but as a Council member diligently working for his constituency.

    Ken has the unique ability to work both sides of the aisle. He has no agenda. He is not running for office for self-aggrandizement. I can not think of a more industrious individual running for office than Ken. I support him wholeheartedly, without reservation and hope/urge the good people of Goshen do as well.


    Drew Smith