‘Thank you, Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, for putting Chester first’

| 14 Jun 2021 | 08:36

    I want to thank our Assemblyman Colin Schmitt for leading the fight on behalf of Chester and our local community interests in Albany on all fronts.

    Particularly I want to give a special shout-out to Colin who has been fighting for years to pass community preservation bills for our community. Passing local and county legislation that would help us out. Never willing to bend to special interests or powerful elected officials who keep standing in the way of our town.

    This year the Attorney General Leticia James once again struck on our community. Directly intervening to block this bill from passing.

    Thankfully we had our Assemblyman Colin Schmitt working on our behalf and holding her publicly accountable so we would all know what really happens in the dark corners of corrupted political power in Albany.

    We are lucky to have Assemblyman Colin Schmitt serving as the sole voice for us in state government. The only leader always willing to have our back. The only leader who has consistently supported us at every turn and with his every action and intention.

    Thank you, Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, for putting Chester first.


    Orlando Perez

    Town of Chester