Some important clarifications to the Greens of Chester story

| 18 Sep 2019 | 04:01

    To the Editor:

    Your September 12 story about a harassment lawsuit against the Town of Chester mentions in passing that the developers of the Greens at Chester “are suing the town for derogatory comments officials made over the past few years against their housing development for Hasidic Jews.”

    As one of the developers, I would like to make two important clarifications. First, the Greens is not suing the Town of Chester over “derogatory comments.” (Sticks and stones and all that....) We are suing over illegal, discriminatory actions by town officials in violation of an existing agreement and the planning board’s unanimously approved plans for the Greens. These actions speak for themselves and are thoroughly documented in our court complaint.

    The dozens of derogatory and discriminatory comments also cited in our complaint -- almost all of which are drawn from the town’s own video footage and meeting minutes -- are simply additional evidence of the discriminatory actions against the Greens.

    Second, contrary to persistent myth, the Greens at Chester is not a development exclusively “for Hasidic Jews.” Any person interested in purchasing a home with modern finishes, amenities, and open space is welcome at the Greens. Once the offering plan for the Greens is approved by the state, the Greens will be marketed through a sales office, website, and licensed brokers on the Multiple Listing Service.

    Livy Schwartz, developer

    The Greens of Chester