Skoufis and Metzger blast tax break discussion for Tri-State Logistics

Goshen /
| 02 Dec 2020 | 03:07

    State Senators James Skoufis and Jen Metzger issued the following statement Wednesday, Dec. 2:

    We were appalled to learn that Tri-State Logistics, in coordination with the Orange County Partnership, is considering applying for property tax breaks - all the while physically breaking ground at their Goshen location. The purpose of property tax subsidies is to incentivize a business to come to an area in the first place; a corporation that has literally broken ground and is moving forward with development clearly does not need to be incentivized.

    This is nothing more than unadulterated corporate greed, and if Tri-State Logistics seeks property tax breaks, they should expect a thorough vetting of their application by the New York State Senate investigations committee, similar to Medline when it attempted to defraud Montgomery taxpayers of $10 million last year.

    The Orange County Partnership has not learned a single lesson from the Senate’s 2019 investigative report into economic development abuses. Until they reevaluate the practices by which they operate and commit to a culture change that puts taxpayers first, the Senate investigations committee will continue watching their actions like a hawk.