‘Re-elect Jen Metzger to NYS Senate’

| 12 Oct 2020 | 11:46

    A usual campaign season involves a flurry of activities — in-person debates and appearances and many eager volunteers going door to door to advocate for their candidates. Those one-to-one connections are vital because voters can ask questions, express opinions and engage in conversations with people who strongly support a candidate.

    Unfortunately, COVID-19 has upended these activities. Many enthusiastic volunteers canvassed for Senator Jen Metzger in 2016, and they were ready to go again this election season, but Metzger’s campaign decided that people’s health was paramount. Making so many contacts, even with masks, would be too risky, so supporters will not be knocking on doors and having conversations. For those of us who volunteer, that’s disappointing, but we understand.

    Instead, the campaign is concentrating on phone calls and emails, virtual debates, the Internet, and mailers. This may decrease the human touch, but most important, voters can still learn about Jen Metzger, what she’s done and what she stands for.

    If you’d like to know more, please visit her website at www.jenmetzger.com or listen to broadcast debates.

    Visit www.vote411.org for detailed statements from Jen, as well as from candidates for other offices.

    Be as informed as you can, and know that volunteers like myself wish with all our hearts we could talk with you in person. Be sure to vote, and I urge you to re-elect Jen Metzger to NYS Senate.


    Jack Lillian