One of the biggest psychological stunts in history

Newton /
| 29 Nov 2021 | 05:07

    To the Editor:

    Fear is one of the seven universal emotions. It can be physical, psychological, real or imagined. Fear is your instinctive response to perceived danger. Fear is the brain’s warning system, brought on by a perceived danger or threat. Fear is an incredibly strong tool, capable of blurring human logic, as well as changing behavior. Fear is illogical.

    The very best way to control a populace is through fear and discord. When one is gripped by fear, rational and higher capabilities shut down, which makes one easily manipulated by anyone promising safety from a threat.

    For thousands of years, the ruling classes have fully understood the potential power of intentionally invoking fear in their subjects, as a means of social control.

    Technological advances have given those in control, the power to propagate their narrative and engage in fear mongering never before seen. The antidote for propaganda’s power and fear mongering is knowledge.

    Additionally, repetition is a very well known and prevalent technique used to solidify falsehoods, as well as perpetuating fear in the public conscience. It has such incredible strength, that it is capable of paralyzing an entire population with fear psychosis!

    The “fake news” is one of the biggest psychological stunts in history! They are lying! Wake up, people!

    Linda Messer