Mike Martucci ‘will represent us well in the state senate’

| 16 Oct 2020 | 12:30

    Mike Martucci has earned my support in his run for state senate, and I urge everyone to support Mike as well.

    Mike and his wife Erin have done so much to support the region through their charitable foundation. I know he will only expand this work as our state senator.

    Recently, Mike and Erin made a very generous contribution to the Warwick Humane Society to help with general operations and the new building fund.

    Last year, Mike and Erin made a donation to the Greenwood Lake Youth Center, which created an important recreational opportunity for our community’s youth.

    Mike has already prioritized our area - even before being elected - and I am confident we can count on him to deliver for our community as our state senator.

    Mike always has the best interests of others in mind and giving back is part of who he is.

    For this reason, and so many others, I’m confident Mike Martucci will represent us well in the state senate.


    Maureen Segota