Mike Martucci ‘has a vision and is the representative we need in Albany’

| 25 Oct 2020 | 05:16

    Election day is around the corner and it is time for every law-abiding resident of the 42nd state senate district to cast their vote in support of Mike Martucci.

    Our district is full of farming communities and has been for generations. Senator Metzger says this is the reason she requested to be the Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee. In that time the senator has done more harm to our farmers than good by pushing regulations that make our farmers uncompetitive with neighboring states.

    Mike has seen the crops that had to be plowed under because farmers couldn’t afford to harvest them due to Metzger’s actions in the senate. As a farmer Mike knows these laws need to be repealed, and if they aren’t, that New York state needs to fully pay for these mandates in the form of a Farmers First Tax Credit.

    Mike Martucci is the product of our SUNY system and he wants to make it affordable for our children to attend a SUNY school.

    Mike understands that we need to create jobs and lower taxes, both income and property, to encourage our children to remain in New York.

    Mike also understands that our seniors are fleeing New York state for lower tax states where they know they can afford to comfortably live and remain in their homes. To keep our seniors here and our families strong Mike Martucci wants to repeal property taxes for qualifying seniors.

    Mike has a vision and is the representative we need in Albany.


    Deirdre Spalthoff

    Greenwood Lake