‘Let’s send Colin Schmitt back for two more years of success for our district’

| 05 Oct 2020 | 11:49

    I want to state how strongly I support Assemblyman Colin Schmitt in this year’s election.

    As a young woman it is so inspiring to see someone of my generation step up and lead our community and do so with consistent values and dedication to issues that impact me.

    Colin has been a strong supporter of women while in office passing and supporting legislation that has a direct positive impact on all of us.

    Colin has also fought to make it more affordable and easier to live here. As a young professional woman I can tell you staying a New Yorker is hard, but thanks to Colin we have real bipartisan progress.

    Also there is nothing I care more about than my rescue dog. Assemblyman Schmitt has been the strongest supporter of dogs and animals we have ever had. He formed a district wide animal advisory council, is a leader with the Statewide Animal Advocacy Day, and is a strong proponent of “adopt don’t shop” efforts.

    Colin regularly advances powerful legislation and provides strong local advocacy to support shelters, rescues and other critical services all with his own beloved rescue dog Quincy by his side.

    Let’s send Colin back for two more years of success for our district.


    Cassandra Palummo

    Town of Blooming Grove