‘Ken Tschan leads by listening, not by demanding’

Goshen /
| 11 Oct 2021 | 02:00

    I write this letter as a Goshen homeowner, a professional educator and an active member of the Goshen community. Ken Tschan is our best choice for Town Councilman.

    I have worked with Ken on many projects over the past 15 years and I can tell you that his mission is always to serve others.

    He makes that our mission each time we bring forth educational and culturally enriching presentations at Cornerstone Theatre Arts.

    Ken is constantly reminding us of the value of working together, learning together and growing together — and that’s what he will bring to town government. His is a process of inclusion and collaboration, not a single voice calling the shots.

    Goshen has a vibrant, relevant, dedicated and high-quality theatre company in Cornerstone because my friend and director Ken Tschan made us believe we could create it — he leads by listening, not by demanding. He is smart, energetic and caring.

    At his core, when you deal with Ken, you know that you are dealing with a faithful and thankful person.

    Please join me in voting Ken Tschan to the Goshen Town Board. Goshen matters.


    Marianne Ciuffetelli