‘Ken Tschan believes that Goshen matters’

Goshen /
| 12 Oct 2021 | 04:29

    It’s hard to find someone in Goshen that hasn’t heard of Ken Tschan’s upstanding character.

    A true leader, Ken has repeatedly shown his giving and kind personality through his actions to ensure Goshen is a better place for all those who live here.

    His thoroughness, intelligence and dedication serve as some of the most qualifying attributes that define Ken’s character.

    Through tireless work at Cornerstone Theatre Arts, the Lions Club and countless town initiatives, Ken has demonstrated that he is deeply invested in and truly cares about this town.

    Put very plainly, Ken Tschan believes that Goshen matters.

    As a true Goshenite, he will ensure that all of Goshen’s best interests will be represented equally. His work will not be dedicated solely to working for a select set of issues, but will be representative of the concerns of all those who call this town home.

    As a Town Councilman, Ken will prove almost spontaneously that your vote went to a person who will represent Goshen in the most upstanding and trustworthy manner.

    Personally, I know Ken as a mentor, an inspiration and a true friend. When Ken first told me of his candidacy, I could immediately see that this truly matters to him, and his eyes lit up as he described what was possible if he won.

    From serving senior citizens to ensuring the equal education of every student, Ken wants to serve this town to make it a better place. By voting for him, you can know that your town’s future is in dedicated, thoughtful and caring hands.

    Sam Sherlock