Ken Tschan announces his candidacy for Goshen Town Board

| 07 Sep 2021 | 01:39

    My name is Ken Tschan and I am running for Goshen Town Councilman.

    I was raised some five miles from Goshen in Blooming Grove, attended Washingtonville schools, SUNY Cortland (B.A.) and Regent University (M.A., M.F.A.) I am a Community Education Coordinator at The Desmond Center in Newburgh and also a professional Teaching Artist of Theatre and Theatre Literature.

    I have lived in Goshen for over 25 years and I love it here. I loved it here when I attended Salesian Camp each summer in the 1970’s, when my Grand-Dad bet on the horses, and when I saw “Herbie The Love Bug” at the movie theater.

    Goshen is our home and I want to serve as your advocate.

    Ideas and suggestions for our collective safety, wellness and quality of life stem from each of us. Some of the most creative and well-serving, long-lasting initiatives in our community have been the direct results of various individuals and groups teaming up and partnering to make a positive difference in Goshen. Good ideas are good ideas regardless of who comes up with them.

    As a leader with the Goshen Lions Club and Cornerstone Theatre Arts, I have been inspired to be a part of many exciting and rewarding projects that have embraced a collaborative spirit while serving our residents — from instructing our youth to serving our seniors; from helping people in need to building partnerships of cooperation designed to serve others.

    Our community matters.

    It is with such a spirit that I run for Councilman.

    There are two open Town Council Seats. Those seats are owned by the people of Goshen. Thus, it follows that the people in those seats should always have an open-door and an open ear for the folks they work for. We hear the term “transparency” in government a lot lately. That’s because transparency matters.

    The issues we face matter.

    Your thoughts on those issues matter.

    Goshen Matters.

    I have actively and enthusiastically served our community for nearly three decades. I have never sought public office. I seek it now. I will work for you, listen to you and serve you. For and from our parks to public works, our children and seniors, our cultural enrichment, finances, infrastructure and quality of life – we have it in our reach to creatively improve today and ever-optimistically shape tomorrow.

    I respectfully ask for your vote.

    Ken Tschan