Ken Newbold is always there for people no matter what happens

Goshen /
| 30 Oct 2019 | 02:42

    To the Editor:

    My grandfather, Ken Newbold, should be supervisor because he is always so kind to everyone and he really loves Goshen. If he doesn’t know someone then he goes up to them and becomes friends with them. When not serving Goshen, New York, he visits his family in Goshen, Indiana, and Florida. He is just a family guy! He is a great dad, grandfather, uncle, brother and son.

    Ken is always there for people no matter what happens. He has a lot of friends in the community. I know how special Goshen is to him and how much he cares about everyone there.If you want to learn about Ken or see what is happening as he is #workingforgoshen, you can follow him on Instagram @newbold_for_supervisor and Facebook @newboldforsupervisor.

    Ken will be a great supervisor, so vote for him on Nov. 5th 2019!

    Cameron Newbold (age 14)

    Goshen, Indiana