‘Keep James Skoufis our Senator’

| 20 Oct 2020 | 10:53

    This year residents of the 39th Senate district will be voting for their Senator. For the past two years James Skoufis has been our Senator.

    Prior to being elected Senator, James was our Assemblyman for six years. During the past eight years, James has constantly supported the surrounding communities regarding the unsustainable growth in Kiryas Joel/Palm Tree.

    This unsustainable growth is one of the most important factors affecting quality of life issues in the area.

    James has committed to continue to support us and continue the fight against unsustainable growth.

    Please join us on November 3 and keep James Skoufis our Senator.

    Stephen H. Welle, Mayor

    Lou Medina, Deputy Mayor

    Trustee Sandy Daly

    Trustee Carol Schneider