It’s time for Goshen Town leaders to ‘embraced the opportunity to get back to normal’

| 30 May 2021 | 06:57

    As the world opens up and we are eagerly getting back to normal, Goshenites are still suffering from our town leadership’s unwillingness to engage with its own constituents.

    For more than a year, citizens had been refused their right to freely address Goshen Town Board virtual meetings as is permitted in towns all across the county and state.

    It was only after pressure was applied this spring that Supervisor Bloomfield finally allowed constituents to speak up in Zoom meetings on topics of their choosing.

    However, Goshenites are still barred from attending these meeting in person.

    Neighboring towns of Chester, Warwick and others have welcomed citizens back to their live meetings, reflecting their desires to get back to collaborative work with their constituents.

    Ken Newbold has been the only voice on our board to demand the same for Goshen.

    After a long year of COVID, the people of Goshen have enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to get back to normal.

    It’s time for our town leadership to do the same.

    Jeremy Zweig