‘It’s time for a change’

| 11 Oct 2020 | 07:31

    Over the past two years, Goshen residents have kept an eye on Colin Schmitt - our freshman Assemblyman. We’ve seen him hold endless press conferences, host big-ticket fund raisers and beg constituents to support various self-serving petitions, polls and surveys that have no impact whatsoever on our State government.

    In fact, in his entire time in office, Colin Schmitt has not been the primary sponsor of one single bill which became a law benefiting Goshen.

    If he can’t get laws passed for Goshen in the Assembly, why would we send him back?

    I’m voting for Sarita Bhandarkar in November. Sarita is a successful small-business owner, who has a strong background in cutting through bureaucracy and red tape and is a fighter for seniors and families of children with special needs.

    She is supported by Democrats and Republicans, and has even been endorsed by the Republican Supervisor of Colin Schmitt’s hometown.

    Colin isn’t working for Goshen. It’s time for a change.

    Ken Newbold

    Town Council, Goshen