‘I urge all to re-elect our community-minded Assemblyman Colin Schmitt’

| 14 Sep 2020 | 11:39

    I am writing you in support of Assemblyman Colin Schmitt for his re-election.

    I am supporting Assemblyman Schmitt because of all the support he has given to his constituents throughout his district and in particular to the Village of Woodbury.

    Since day one of his term Colin has always been just a phone call away. He is always ready to assist in every way possible.

    During the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, we partnered to deliver food to local seniors and residents in need.

    When our local state funding was eliminated Colin worked to get our local AIM funding restored.

    When no PPE masks or hand sanitizer was available for our essential workers and first responders during the pandemic Assemblyman Schmitt delivered hundreds of these critical supplies to our village.

    I personally appreciate all the support Assemblyman Schmitt gives to our Woodbury residents and the work he does district-wide.

    As a local leader and resident, I fully support and urge all to re-elect our community-minded Assemblyman Colin Schmitt.


    Timothy P. Egan, Mayor

    Village of Woodbury