‘I am proudly voting for Sarita Bhandarkar early, in person, and with a mask’

| 16 Oct 2020 | 02:38

    I am one of Colin Schmitt’s constituents. I recently saw a disturbing website promoted on his Facebook page making false claims against his opponent, Sarita Bhandarkar.

    The images and accusations were despicable.

    Sarita is a respected attorney. When I was ill with COVID-19 in the spring and worried about my family, she reached out to me and my husband to put Powers of Attorney and Health Care Proxies in place for us in the event the illness took a turn for the worse.

    Mr. Schmitt should run on whatever successes he may have had as our Assemblyman rather than try to sully the character of his opponent. One would think he has the advantage since he has a two-year record, but for some reason, he is more interested in making false claims than in promoting his own voting record.

    Sarita has always taken the high road in this campaign. She hasn’t attacked Mr. Schmitt’s person, just his record.

    I am proudly voting for Sarita early, in person, and with a mask.

    Rita Ponessa