Fortunate Doug Bloomfield wants to continue serving

| 18 Oct 2021 | 04:17

    As a lifetime resident of Orange County and nearly 50 year resident of Goshen, I have seen many politicians come and go. I believe we in Goshen have been fortunate to have had competent people serve in local government. One of the most competent is Doug Bloomfield who has been our Supervisor for the last 16 years.

    Doug is a Goshen native who graduated from local schools, went off to college, served in Vietnam and upon retirement returned to Goshen. He is a retired executive who brought a businessman’s approach to running Town government. During his tenure taxes were lowered year after year and are lower now than they were in 2013!

    Doug has chosen to step back from being Supervisor but still wants to serve his community. He could live comfortably in retirement but chooses to continue to serve the community which nurtured him.

    We, in the Town of Goshen, are fortunate to have someone of Doug Bloomfield’s caliber running for Councilman.

    I’m voting for Doug Bloomfield and I urge everyone else to do so too!

    Beverly L. Jappen