Don’t change your third party registration

| 09 Feb 2021 | 01:50

    New ballot access restrictions enacted last year would effectively eliminate third parties in New York State.

    Previously, minor parties needed 50,000 votes for their candidates for governor. Reaching that mark would allow the parties to qualify for the ballot for the next four years.

    The new rules require that minor parties get 130,000 votes cast to remain on the ballot and requires qualifications to happen every two years instead of four.

    The Libertarian and Green Parties filed a lawsuit in July in the Southern District of New York to challenge these provisions.

    Currently, they are asking for a preliminary injunction that would pause the new provision until the case is settled.

    Yet, despite the ongoing litigation, the Orange County Board of Elections has reported that it intends to send out letters to members of third parties instructing them to change their party.

    I encourage third party voters to remain registered to their party awaiting the results of this lawsuit.

    We need third parties now more than ever, as our communities continue to feel unheard and unrepresented by the two major parties.

    Maggie Holmes, Vice Chair

    Orange County Libertarian Party