Destruction of the USA

China /
| 29 Jan 2021 | 12:36

    Destruction of the USA is happening.

    Mr. Biden is destroying all the good work my President Donald Trump got done in less than four years.

    At the rate Mr. Biden is going his first 100 days, he will be devastating to the blue collar workers, minorities and keep all the fat cats and people that have never had to work for a living and think it’s OK to let the hard working blue collar workers pay more taxes and higher energy costs, etc.

    He is guiding us back into the Paris Climate agreement and all we are doing is giving our dollars away to China and India and others who are doing nothing except polluting using coal to run factories.

    In my opinion, Mr. Biden has no idea what his is saying on the effect it will have.

    He needs to be stopped now.

    John Mabee