CPV plant will increase NY's greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent

| 28 Jul 2019 | 08:48

Dear friends and neighbors:
Percoco's convicted and sitting in an Orange County prison, while Cuomo just signed a climate bill claimed to be the "boldest in the world." Yet, CPV is still operating without a Title V air permit in violation of the Clean Air Act. This is indeed category 6 hypocrisy. While everyone (media, politicians, and NGOs) are celebrating this climate bill which is supposed to cut New York's greenhouse gases 85 percent from 1990 levels by 2050, their silence as they turn on the switch for CPV creating a climate impact which will increase the state's greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector by 10 percent, as well as on the corruption that built it, is deafening.
Now, almost 2 years after starting operations CPV is finally applying for its Title V air permit, the one that would allow it to spew millions of tons of global warming and toxic gases annually. So we have one last chance to stop CPV through the regulatory process.
Although the deadline is Monday, July 29, by 5 p.m., you can continue submitting comments until a decision is issued.
In March 2019 Protect Orange County released a shocking report documenting enormous health impacts from the plant.
Finally, we really need folks at our weekly picket on Saturdays 11-12. Many of the people who used to come have either moved away or fatigued, so please come even for a few minutes. It helps us send a strong message to elected officials that we are not backing down.
Pramilla Malick
James Cromwell
Protect Orange County