Congressman Maloney ignores veteran’s concern

Panama /
| 13 Oct 2020 | 01:30

    I am a Vietnam War veteran, having served two tours in country (1966, 1967).

    After having suffered through various strange illnesses for decades, I learned in 2018 via a blood test that I was hosting, for over five decades, generations of a jungle parasite called Strongyloides Stercoralis within my lower intestine.

    The parasite lives in fetid jungle environments and can penetrate the skin eventually settling in the gut. The disease was frequently discovered in French soldiers during the French-Indochina War and in American serviceman who served in the Pacific Theater during WWII.

    Since my discovery, I’ve been concerned that many veterans who were stationed in jungle regions such as Vietnam, Panama and Africa and who have been experiencing strange illnesses could be hosting Strongyloides.

    I have contacted the Veteran’s Administration, to no avail, suggesting that a blood test should be routinely administered to all those Vets who qualify.

    In further pursuit of my concerns, I also contacted Congressman Maloney’s office on numerous occasions, by email and phone calls in an effort to engage his assistance with the VA. I even personally met with his veteran’s affairs assistant and presented him with a white paper on the topic.

    Each time I was assured the congressman would investigate the issue and get back to me; which he never did.

    The congressman fancies himself a supporter of veterans. However, I strongly disagree. His office didn’t even offer me the courtesy of a return call each time I reached out to him for assistance.

    Further research regarding Mr. Maloney’s veteran voting record indicates he voted against the Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act and the VA Accountability First Act.

    William E. Lemanski