Colin Schmitt is ‘a strong supporter of his constituents and is constantly working with and for them’

Albany /
| 17 Aug 2020 | 05:09

    A recent letter writer accused Assemblymen Colin Schmitt of not being straight with her - well, I disagree.

    Colin votes on issues the way he ran on them. He’s a strong supporter of his constituents and is constantly working with and for them.

    His voting record matches what he ran for office on - and guess what - he won.

    I’m not sure where the evidence is that he votes to “maintain women’s second-class status. I bet his mother, wife and sister disagree. I know my wife disagrees.

    The claim is he voted no on a bill to prohibit discrimination based on “gender identity.” I’m not sure exactly what “gender identity” is, but here are already many laws in place to prevent discrimination based on sexual identity, race, disability, etc. The last thing we need is more useless laws.

    He voted no on a bill to grandfather the disastrous Obamacare in the New York Health Plan -thank God for that. Obamacare is not good health insurance.

    He voted no on a bill to prevent firearms in school. Schools are already no gun zones and have been for years. Guess what, most parents want the police officer in their child’s school to be able to fire back at an attacker. I know my wife and I did when our kids were in school.

    I love how these Democrats call abortion “family planning” - Colin has always stated that he is proudly pro-life, so of course he’s going to vote no on a bill supporting abortion. Why the Democrat fascination with killing unborn babies? They want to be part of the family, too. Unfortunately, their voices are unheard.

    Colin voted against a bill allowing the release of President Trump’s tax records. What do the President’s tax records have to do with Colin’s support for women and families? The tax records are no one’s business - especially the do-nothing U.S. Congress. I’d rather see the tax records of politicians that became rich while in office, not the man that was a billionaire before becoming an excellent President.

    Colin is probably the hardest-working assemblyman we’ve ever had in the 99th district. He is tireless and honest. He’s also a proud member of the U.S. Army National Guard. He is a strong supporter of ethics reform in Albany - and, boy, do we need reform in Albany. He is also a supporter of term limits - we need to flush the corrupt career politicians out of office and bring in fresh ideas.

    Colin is also a strong supporter of our local small businesses. He is currently helping local gyms fight the business destroying unconstitutional Cuomo shutdown. Hasn’t Cuomo destroyed enough businesses and lives already? He’s become a tin pot dictator.

    I plan on voting for Colin in November - the last thing we need is more criminal-supporting Democrats in Albany. They’ve done enough damage to our state already. The U-Haul trucks heading to other states prove it.

    Mike Doherty