Blunders at the top

| 30 Mar 2020 | 01:21

    To the Editor:

    Foreign Policy magazine noted on March 13 that Trump could start a trade war based on silly debunked 18th-century concepts of economics and get away with it because the U.S. economy was strong, and so many other bad decisions essentially because many people have short memories or do not care. As the article continues, it notes that in the face of a global health threat, which is killing Americans at horrible rates and speeding up the process almost everywhere, but deadly in our cities, and especially New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington State, and New Orleans, Trump is failing, and only an aged doctor saves the day.

    One analogy notes that Trump finds his errors are flying back in his face like clown pies almost every time he opens his mouth, as has been his notions with Governor Cuomo. The truth is they, including Trump, did nothing to prepare for this global terror. The New York Times reports that members of the coronavirus task force only had 5-minute to 10-minute meetings. Really? Yes!

    Along with their lack of movement was the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention assured all that it had a diagnostic model that would solve everything. It solved nothing! What happened was a lost month that never moved off the dime to solve problems. Testing was started late and with little leadership from Trump and company. The leadership came from Dr. Fauci, who has a following for contradicting the often silly Trump hot-said miscues.

    One other figure stepped up, and that was Governor Cuomo. He made a case for the Northeast region. Trump was not used to someone telling him “no," but he learned from Cuomo. Sadly, the $2 trillion of relief won’t come in time or long enough to fight this pandemic.

    Statesmen care about the next generation while the politician cares only about the next election. Trump is indeed the politician. Trump has made so many mistakes. Trump praised the markets, and they tanked. He did not confer with European nations and laughed it off. The Dow is sinking and by Election Day, and if that continues to quote Foreign Policy, he will no longer be able to say things are better than four years ago.

    Bill Weightman