Bloomfield’s service to Goshen unrivaled

| 19 Oct 2021 | 01:14

    I have personally known Douglas Bloomfield socially for over 60 years and have worked with him professionally for over a decade as Attorney for the Town of Goshen during his service as Town Supervisor. Presently, Doug has decided to seek a concilman term on the Town Board of the Town of Goshen.

    During Doug’s municipal service to the Town of Goshen he has initiated numerous governmental services and accomplished a myriad of projects. Perhaps most important in these times of profligate government spending and increasing inflation, he has presided over, championed, and reduced taxes in the Town of Goshen in eight (8) of the past (9) years and the Town of Goshen taxes projected for 2022 will be lower than in effect in 2013.

    Goshen needs an experienced, hard working and dedicated public servant. I urge all of the citizenry of the Town of Goshen to support, vote, and elect Douglas Bloomfield councilman on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021.

    Dennis P. Caplicki