Allison Salte announces her re-election bid for Goshen School Board

| 01 Jun 2020 | 09:07

    My name is Allison Salte and I am seeking re-election to the Goshen School District Board of Education. I have had the honor and privilege of serving on the Board since 2014.

    I was born and raised in Florida, New York, graduated from Burke Catholic High School and have been a resident of New Hampton and part of the Goshen School District for 16 years. My husband, Svein, is a Goshen High School graduate. We have four children: one who has graduated from Goshen and the other three are still attending.

    My continued goal for serving on the Board of Education is to support all of our children. I am passionate about ensuring that all students receive the best academic and overall educational experience. I cannot emphasize enough how much pride I have in the Goshen School District and the Goshen community.

    It is my belief that it is essential that our district has the best educators and continued improvement with academic and special education programs.

    That we continue to grow and enhance social and mental health programs in an ever-changing environment.

    That our district has safety plans that not only protect our students in the traditional sense, but those that include any new health protocols to resume in person instruction.

    That Goshen has advanced technology tools that enhance the learning experience and meet any new on-line directives.

    And that Goshen rounds out our educational experience with enrichment and intervention programs, as well as sports, music, arts and clubs that affect overall learning and well being of students.

    I will continue to work hard to learn more about what our students, parents, educators and the community want from their school district especially during this time of uncertainty with social distancing measures, health protocols and state funding changes.

    I hope to be given the opportunity to continue on the board and to make a positive impact on maintaining our current offerings as well as supporting more opportunities for our students and educators in the future.

    I respectfully ask for your vote for myself and for fellow incumbent board member Tom Mullane and a yes vote for our budget.

    Allison Salte