A vote for ‘all’ New Yorkers?

| 17 Aug 2020 | 04:15

    I read with great interest the letter regarding the upcoming election for “our” representative for the 42nd NY State Senate district. A few points if I may:

    The decisions made during the pandemic by some of our state and local leaders which directly contributed to the deaths of over 8,000 of our seniors. But wait. Jen Metzger gave out hand sanitizer.

    An independent investigation of this matter was squashed by emperor Cuomo as being “too political.”

    As to legislation that our current “representative “Jen Metzger helped sponsor put putting violent sexual predators back on the street with her bail reform bill. The discovery portion of which was a leading decision for me to step down as a NY EMT.

    Putting farmers under even greater pressure and financial constraints with her “helpful” agricultural support.

    Perhaps there are folks who feel that their interests are being addressed by Jen Metzger.

    But I do not, nor is anyone I know or have spoken to. My vote is for a man I have met and spoken to numerous time, a driven young man who understands a genuine work ethic. Heck, just plain ethics.

    A young man who I genuinely feel has the interests of all New Yorkers, not the “special” interests in his heart.

    Mike Martucci is someone who shakes your hand, looks you in the eye and listens.

    I would strongly encourage all who respect themselves and their neighbors to vote for Mike Martucci.

    James Mehling