A team for change in Goshen

| 11 Oct 2021 | 10:11

    We are at a point where we need people on the Goshen Town Board who’ll bring integrity, energy, new ideas and a willingness to collaborate with its residents and the Village Board to reinvigorate the town and make it a place we can all be excited to be a resident of.

    That team is Kenny Newbold, Ken Tschan and Jeremy Zweig.

    Anybody who has lived in Goshen for a while knows Kenny Newbold, and perhaps he has personally helped them out. He has always been here for us, part of the fabric of Goshen, and has always taken the moral high ground, such as voting against giving the board members raises during a time when many residents are hurting.

    Ken Tschan has also been an integral part of Goshen for decades. Not only with the volunteer work he’s done, such as with the Lions Club, but also directly responsible for bringing the arts to Goshen with the formation of Cornerstone Theatre Arts, Shakespeare in the Park and other programs. He brings people together and helps create indelible memories of Goshen.

    Jeremy Zweig, though somewhat of a newcomer, is already someone who has made a difference as member of Beautiful People and of the Vision Hudson Valley Placemaking Committee and has drawn up a wonderful plan to transform the board and its future accomplishments.

    Having a team of three like individuals will ensure change will happen, which is what this team represents.

    Visit goshenmatters.com to learn more about these candidates and don’t forget to vote.

    Keith Roddey

    Village of Goshen