We the People Warwick announces its spring lineup of events

| 09 Apr 2024 | 10:38

After a busy winter including the Warwick Voices through Photos exhibition at the Albert Wisner Public Library, a viewing and discussion of the documentary “Anxious Nation” and February’s Self-Love for the Month of Love program, We the People Warwick is happy to announce our spring events which, as always, are free to all town of Warwick residents.

The next presentation of “A Day in the Life,” WTPW’s program that gives a few local residents a chance to share what they do and what their passions are, will take place on Saturday, April 20 from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Buckbee Center located at 2 Colonial Avenue in Warwick (next to the Warwick Post Office). Join us to learn about Joie Ogrodnick’s world as a volunteer ambulance EMT, Dr. Dominic Cappelleri’s years of experience teaching Italian at the Albert Wisner Library, and the chemistry of cosmetics with scientist Art Georgalas. Each presentation is followed by an active Q&A session that gets the audience involved.

In recognition of Mental Health Month, WTPW will host a community dialogue, “Mental Health in a Changing World: Where Do We Start in Our Community?” This event is a continuation of our series, “You Are Not Alone,” which united mental health experts and Warwick residents to initiate discussions on mental health challenges within our community, including those affecting young people. A key insight from these discussions highlighted the crucial role of maintaining human connections amidst rapid societal, technological, and environmental shifts. Our upcoming Saturday, May 18 session from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., also in the Buckbee Center, aims to empower residents to tackle complex mental health challenges by forming action teams focused on issues they find significant. Three mental health professionals who know the power of community-driven solutions to enhance mental health resilience will join us to support this important conversation. Registration is encouraged (wethepeoplewarwick.org/you-are-not-alone-series).

Lightening things up in late May, the fifth session of the highly anticipated Warwick Story Share will take place on Thursday, May 30 from 7:30 to 9 p.m., also in the Buckbee Center. At Warwick Story Share events, 10 to 12 Warwick residents tell 5-minute personal “story nuggets” about things they did, events that shaped their lives, and the audience often reacts with gasps, belly laughs, or the occasional tear. Afterwards , the audience has an opportunity to “mingle” over a glass of wine or some snacks and ask the storytellers — some of whom they may know, many they don’t — about “the rest of the story.” Warwick Story Share has been an event that strengthens our collective sense of belonging to this vibrant community. We hope you’ll join us. And speaking of this vibrant community of which you are a part...we’d love to hear your story. Would you consider sharing it at an upcoming Warwick Story Share?

Visit our website to find out more about all of these events: wethepeoplewarwick.org.

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