Daffodils planted last year emerge right on cue

| 09 Apr 2024 | 10:13

During August 2023, the Girl Scout service unit and Girl Scout Troop 455 of Greenwood Lake began planting over 1,000 daffodil bulbs throughout the village in honor of the centennial celebration, and within the last week the flowers began to appear, right on schedule.

Mabel Greslik, Girl Scout Service Unit manager who was in charge of the daffodil program, commented last summer, “The scouts are planting the bulbs throughout the community today and in a few month’s time you’ll start seeing either traditional Dutch master (pure yellow) or mixed daffodils (yellow, white, and orange).” The bulbs were donated by ADR Bulb Company of Chester, NY.

Neighborhoods throughout the village can now be seen with the brilliant yellow and orange colored daffodil flowers that were planted by homeowners as well. Daffodils are some of the most reliable perennial bulbs there are, and they form underground colonies that produce offspring. So, they will continue to bloom, returning year after year and they’re naturally deer-deterrent.

When you see the beautiful yellow harbingers of the season, remember to thank the Girl Scouts and the homeowners who purchased the bulbs and buried them in the ground so that residents and visitors to Greenwood Lake could experience a more colorful spring this year and in years to come.

Peter Lyons Hall

Greenwood Lake