An open letter to our supermarket and food service professionals

Goshen /
| 23 Mar 2020 | 12:51

To the Editor:

I want to share a word of heartfelt thanks to a group of unsung heroes who are working tirelessly, often unnoticed to ensure our way of life is preserved during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the employees of our local supermarkets, the delivery personnel, and the restaurant professionals who are laboring in new and different ways to provide us with the food we need.

Although their routines have been disrupted with new hours of operation, unsettled customers seeking answers, and the unknown length of the crisis, these individuals come to work each day and offer a smile, reassuring voices, and quality service to our community. To those of you working in all aspects of our food supply chain, from farmers to grocers to preparers, from my heart to yours, thank you! From arriving early to extend hours to our seniors and other vulnerable populations to staying late to stock shelves or make extra deliveries, our supermarket staffs, delivery drivers, and restaurant employees are all putting forth an amazing effort.

I ask you to join me in extending a deep appreciation for all that you do to assist us as we hurry our way through stores, pick up take-out meals, and use drive-through options. As you take your next trip to the grocery store or order take-out from your favorite restaurant, I ask that you keep those working in these industries in mind. I encourage you to share a smile, say thank you, and give them grace as they work long hours and engage the public at a time of uncertainty in public health.

I wish all of you the safety, health and well-being as we navigate this global crisis. Please care for each other, follow the guidance of our public health officials, and find calmness in this time of uncertainty. We will persevere and emerge from this challenge, but in the meantime, let’s all take a moment to say thank you to the individuals serving our community in helping us maintain a sense of normalcy through trying times.

Ken Newbold, Councilman

Town of Goshen

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